confirmed abstracts

16th of April:  Worldcloud of paper keywords and titles on the conference and linkage between them.(credit Francesco Corman)

11th of April:  Organizational information for participants and authors:
The submission form will be active from 12 noon - 16th April. 
The deadline for sending full papers is extended until - 31st May. 

Full papers must be checked personally by the author in eXpress before uploading, all authors who wants their papers to be published in IEEE Xplore must transfer the copyright in electronic form to IEEE. After sending the final versions, all papers will also be checked using the anti-plagiarism system.
Details of these procedures will be placed in the submission form - available from 16th April.

We remind you that the papers will be published in IEEE Xplore only after receiving the full payment of the registration fee; the registration fee includes the right to publish one paper only, for each subsequent paper a fee of 100€ must be paid. Papers that will not be presented cannot be published.
Selected authors whose papers have not been qualified or authors of selected papers were invited to take part
in a special Early Stage Research Session.
Authors willing to participate in Early Stage Research Session are asked to send the title and abstract by the end of May via email to
Presentations for this session need to be send for revision to the same address by 31st May.
Due to the high tourist season in June, we encourage all participants to make hotel reservations in advance; participants who would like to use the hotels offered by the conference office and did not include it in their registration form, are asked to contact the conference office: as soon as possible, there is still a number of rooms available in a favorable location. We also still have places for tourist trips.

Everyone interested in ITS is invited to register and participate in the conference - preferential share prices are valid until the end of April, the deadline for registration is 20th May.

Please do encourage your colleagues to participate in the conference, in addition to the interesting substantive program (over 100 papers, invited speakers, interesting panels) there is an accompanying program waiting for you:
welcome reception in the Barbakan (historical building - part of the defense system of Krakow) and gala dinner in a unique, 19th century tram depot, on the site of the municipal engineering museum, free guided walking tours from conference to evening venues.
Please visit our profiles on FB and iN - lets create a conference ITS community, exchange views, information.

5th of April
Dear Authors of MT-ITS papers, 
For administrative reasons, guidelines for the final submission will be available after April 10th, and the deadline for submission of final work will be extended. 
Conference Chair
Rafal Kucharski

3 rd of April
Conference Organizers are pleased to announce that the selection process of submitted abstracts for MT-ITS 2019 conference is finalized. 
During the Conference on the 5-7th June in Krakow, you will have an opportunity to listen to selected presentations (over 100), referring to actual and important ITS issues of 2019. We will host industry-recognized guest speakers, labs and prestigious universities. You can also expect new start-ups and highly contributive researchers.
6th edition continues the tradition of the previous ones. Several sessions from Napoli 2017 will be continued in Kraków 2019. Several early stage research projects presented in Napoli are now mature and will be presented in Kraków as well.
The traditional scope of ITS expands its horizons. Therefore Conference organizers are pleased to present this year topics running through MT-ITS 2019 event:
 - technical, hardware problems;
 - organizational conceptual papers;
 - methodological, theoretical advancements;
 - traffic control;
 - data collection, analysis and machine learning;
 - connected autonomous vehicles;
 - automated vehicles;
 - V2X, V2I;
 - electromobility and ecological impact;
 - mobility as a service (MaaS);
 - ITS in transit, cycling and other non-motorized modes and their integration.
The full conference program, covering details of sessions, presentations, workshops and networking events, will be available soon.

NOTE! Please book your hotels in advance due to the high season during the conference in June.

30th of March
The Mayor of the City of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski granted his honorary patronage to the conference.
City of Kraków organizes the special session:
"Lessons learnt while implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems - success and fail stories" where we invite for panel discussions people behind biggest implementations of Polish ITS (including Kraków and Warsaw) and solution providers (our sponsors of PTV and Aimsun) with an open invitation for other participants from research, business and administration.
In Kraków we will host you at the Cracow University Campus (Działownia Building, ul. Warszawska 24) 
Evening venues will be held in Barbakan at the Kraków Old Town and in the Urban Engineering Museum.
We will organize city walking tours between sessions and dinners.

25th of March
The conference was qualified by the Commission at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences to the program Krakow's Scientific Conferences 2019.

15th of March
Dear Authors of MT-ITS submissions,
Due to big number of received papers and their high quality, the scientific Committee needs more time to decide on qualifying your papers. We are hoping to be ready with decisions (hopefully positive) by 22nd March.
Conference Chair
Rafal Kucharski

23 rd January, 2019
Dear Authors,
Due to several requests for extension, and in view of the end-of-year period, the submission deadline for the 6th MT-ITS Conference has been extended to February 15, 2019
This will allow some extra time for authors to finish up papers that they are working on. 
We are pleased to announce that the organizers of the conference received almost 150 proposals of papers, prepared by over 350 authors from 29 countries (including Italy, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Great Britain, Greece, Luxembourg, Turkey, France, Chile and others).

From 20 main topics of the conference, the most popular are:
ITS-oriented traffic planning, Real-time traffic control, Model Calibration, Simulation and tools for ITS, Case studies and assessment of ITS applications, Demand modeling and travel behaviors under ITS, ITS and Smart Cities, Automated and intelligent Vehicles.
Emerging hot topics like Connected Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility as a Service received number of strong contributions.
The companies like PTV Group and Siemens Mobility have announced their participation in the conference as sponsors.
The conference participants will be able to take advantage of an interesting accompanying program (welcome reception and gala dinner) and take part in several tourist trips to the attractions of Krakow and the surrounding area: visiting the oldest Salt Mine in Wieliczka and the Museum in Auschwitz.

We would like to remind you full paper submission procedure:
·         the organizers inform that due to many requests from authors, they extend the deadline for sending full versions of papers to February 15, 2019
·         before you can submit your full paper you needs to register (at least one person per paper)
·         after registration, you will receive an email with data confirmation and “regID”, which is necessary to send your full paper
              (please prepare manuscript in doc. or pdf. file - max 10 MB, in line with IEEE template at
·         the information about acceptance of paper will be sent to the authors on the 15 March 2019.
·        obviously payment for the authors is required max 14 days after paper acceptance 
·         the final paper submission through IEEE Xplore within 15 April

If you have any questions, please contact us
Conference Office 

some data - first ten

ranking of topics

29      Management and short-term predictions
 29     Operations and management
 29     ITS-oriented traffic planning
 29     Real-time traffic control
 28     Model calibration
 28     Simulation and tools for ITS
 27     Case studies and assessment of ITS applications
 24     Demand modelling and travel behaviour under ITS
 24     ITS and Smart Cities
 21     Automated and intelligent Vehicles

conference participants

 35           Italy
 23           Poland
 20           Germany
 13           The Netherlands
 8             United States of America
 5             Great Britain
 5             Greece
 5             Luxembourg
 4             Turkey
 3             France


32        TU Delft
17        University of Luxembourg
15        University of Naples "Federico II"
10        Cracow University of Technology
9         Hellas-Hellenic Institute of Transport
8          Technical University of Munich
8          Technical University of Istanbul
7          Università della Calabria
7          Gdańsk University of Technology
7          Polytechnic University of Bari